I100 Large Character Ink Jet Printer Technical Specification

Print heights :
10,12,15,20,25,50,80mm single line 7 dot font or twin-line 16 dot font.

Number of lines
One or two lines of print (either one twinline for coding on one side of the product or 2 x single lines for coding on both sides of products) from one controller.
If you require more than 2 lines, see the Codeology i500 Ink Jet Printer

Line speed :
0-30m/min standard, 0-60m/min high speed variant

Inks :
5 litre containers available in 2 and 4 packs
Water based, black, blue, red, green, blue
Ethanol for plastics (shrink wrap, clay coated boxes, timber) black, blue, red, green
Ethanol for concrete (bricks, tiles, blocks) black only

Mains services
110/240V 50/60Hz (Intergal low-pressure air pump, no mains air required)

Interfaces :
RS232 (for external computer or optional Hand Held controller) Optional Ethernet IEE802.3 10/100 auto detection
Checkweigher interface via RS232 or Ethernet
Remote control and datalogging from Codeology i-Text PC software

Others on request

Message storage
100 print messages internally.
Unlimited storage on a host PC running i-Text software

PC Software
i -Text software allows:
Control of up to 64 ink jet printers
Data logging of production counts
Backup/restore of ink jet memories
Data import/export to from factory automation components
Remote message design
Remote logo design and download
Download the handbook , quick reference sheet and serial/ethernet protocol documents.