The i100M large character ink jet printer is an entry-level cost-effective ink jet for printing M.E.K. ink onto non-porous substrates such as stainless steel, metal drums, beer barrels, polythene sacks, bricks, blocks and extruded plastics.

Arabic font from a codeology MEK karge character ink jet printerStop Press. All Codeology ink jets are now available with Arabic fonts.

It can print one or two lines of print in any combination of one line only, two lines on one side of your product, or two single lines one on each side of your product of 20mm high characters. It requires only mains electricity and can be installed using just four bolts. No mains air is required as the internal low-pressure pump supplies all the necessary air. This reduces health and safety issues associated with fluid containers pressurised from mains air and means it is impossible to burst ink containers by over-pressuring them.


MEK print samples from the i100M large character ink jet coder

The 100M can print on plastics, metals and timberOperating stand-alone, the printer can be controlled from a removable keypad or remotely via RS232 or Ethernet from a PC using iText software. IText software also allows factory automation systems to access the print count and production information. One keypad can be shared amongst all of your printers to minimise cost.

As with all Codeology equipment, stainless steel is used throughout to eliminate corrosion, maintain electrical and shielding integrity throughout the life of the machine and to provide a robust shell against the rigours of daily operation. We even have an IP65 variant for use in washdown areas or outdoors on brick palletising lines.

Ink is supplied in 5 litre containers for maximum up-time and ease of ink changeover.

M100 multiple printM100 zoomed in vew of printThese pictures show the I100M print on a lintel cutting and forming line.
The I100M is printing with MEK ink onto continuous galvanised strip which is then cut and formed.