IPCWe couldn't find an industrial computer that met our standards, so we designed our own. With its rugged stainless steel design, auto-ranging power supply and vandal-proof keyboard the Codeology c100 IPC can cope with running most factory applications whilst still being able to withstand the rigours of an industrial environment.

The Codeology attention to detail is again apparent. The keyboard is not fitted with visible CTRL, ALT or function keys thus making it harder for operators to tamper with the software. The fan aperture is a laser cut array of miniature holes making the aperture as resistant as possible to foreign objects. The internal 120Gb hard drive is big enough to cope with any factory automation program and runs Windows XP, so your own IT people will probably already know it inside-out.

External interface (standard)IPC2
2 x usb (1 spare)
1 x PC keyboard
1 x serial
10/100 ethernet
Autoranging mains input

Internal interfacing available
Printer port
2 x rs232
1 x rs485
Sound port
Floppy disk port
IDE hard disk port

Low cost keyboard with integral trakball
Touch screen
Stainless steel vandal-proof keyboard with integral stainless steel trakball
Flash disk instead of hard drive
Windows CE or Embedded XP operating system
If you have requirements for industrial control or data logging, our multi-skilled programmers can offer special software written specifically for you.
As we have full design control, we can design special systems for your exact requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.