m200 5 Litre Base Conversion

The Codeology m200 base unit is a stainless steel base that allows you to upgrade the Alpha Dot Midjet range and Domino C7, C16 and C34 range of ink jet printers to a 5 litre ink supply.

The m200 base has been designed to allow you to:

Save up to 30% on ink costs

Keep your production running 5 times longer with less frequent bottle changes

Replace the 1 litre bottles and piercing probes with a simple screw-on bottle top - removes the chances of blocking the piercing probes.

Remove corrosion from your line - all stainless steel construction means no more rust

Easily see the amount of ink remaining (with an optional ink low beacon output available)

Extend the usable life of your printers and provide an upgrade path for the future

Have less frequent waste disposal requirements for one 5 litre bottle over five smaller bottles.

Changing over your existing Midjet 1 or 3 litre base to the Codeology m200 5 litre base is simple. The mounting plate has the same fixing centres as the Midjet base and the mounting bracket fits the existing Midjet head upright slide bar.

The base includes its own integral air pump, power cable and ink lines with the Midjet connectors already fitted. Simply unplug the Midjet power supply and ink line from your Midjet, remove the base and replace with the m200.