Codeology supply Alatoni with two tailored print and apply labellers: from drawing board to installation in 4 weeks.

Codeology recently contacted Alatoni  salads factory in Bicester to discuss automating several packing lines that required specialised narrow footprint outer case  print and apply’s. Despite being a long-term user of another brand of labelling machines, Alatoni turned to Codeology after they found that their existing supplier's equipment would not fit in the narrow production area. The Codeology P100 having a footprint of only 875mm wide including the integrated conveyor was perfect for the job and allowed Alatoni to automate the labelling without impacting either the production process or causing issues with operator access.

To provide two machines in such a small area required Codeology to design and build a mirror image of its standard machine in order to keep the area through production

and packaging clear of any obstructions. The first standard machine was built and installed within a week and the new mirror image machine was designed, built and installed within 4 weeks.

Roy Buchanan, Factory Manager of Alatoni said
 “This is the busiest period of the year for us and we were having to divert resources from more important areas to cater for all the offline label printing that needed to be done prior to the following days production. This had an ongoing cost to the business in terms of overtime and became somewhat of a logistical nightmare.  By installing the two Codeology machines this problem has been removed completely and allowed us to focus on the more important areas such as production. We had contacted our previous supplier who were unable to help us because of the limited area we had to work with, but Codeology were able to supply two machines one of which was a special mirror image with a deadline most companies could not have achieved.”

If your line has production space issues, or you require a special print and apply labelling solution specific to your business, contact Codeology for a free consultation.