Printing and applying labels to the top of your products is not a problem for the P150 Top-Face Print and Apply system.

The P150 is simple, robust and low-cost. We keep the cost down by using a proven dc motor drive system that has already been shown to be long-lasting through years of use in our P100 side print-and-apply systems.

A simple design means less components to go wrong and greater reliability on your lines. From the same family as the well-proven P100 Print and Apply you can rest assured that the P150 will keep your lines running at peak efficiency.

Control options include local or remote control via RS232, wired ethernet or wireless ethernet.

P150 top print and apply labeller on integral conveyor

- 300mm label roll capability to maximise throughput.
- Label sizes from 50 x 25 up to 100 x 300mm.
- Up to 30 100 x 150mm labels per minute.
- Extendable peeler plate to allow fast change over for different carton heights.
- Height adjustable via 'zero gravity' gas strut for accurate label placement
- Easy-to-use control panel, only two parameters to set.
- Controlled locally or remotely via RS232, wired Ethernet or wireless Ethernet

- Both right to left and left to right variants are available.
- Special height and reach machines can be provided.
-Stands are available for angled conveyors (up to 28 degrees)

- Stainless and Aluminium construction as standard
- Narrow footprint of only 200mm from the conveyor minimises the impact on your walkways and floor space.
- Peeler plate to carton angle of attack and length variable to allow easy incorporation into existing machinery.
- Robust stainless box section stand for extra stability and resistance to knocksclose-up of the P150 top print and apply labeller about to place a label on top of a carton
- Modular design means a changeover of any component can be achieved in less than 30 minutes
- Rugged motor and epicyclic gearbox for long machine life.

Notes for search engines: Our outer case print and apply labelling system is designed to print and apply all barcode formats including EAN128 and ITF14 barcodes for retailers and the retail supply chain including Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury, Iceland, Asda. As Codeology staff were trained by GS1 all labels are printed to GS1 standards on our Barcode Label Printers. The p150 barcode label outer case print and apply labelling system gives print and apply labelling with top and top-and-end labelling. The P150 will label sacks, sealed cartons or Retail-Ready Packaging, Shelf Ready Packaging (or SRP) or Shelf Ready Cartons (SRC). Our P150 is sometimes referred to as print and apply labeling system, or the P150 print and apply outer case labeling applicator system.